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ION 360

ION360 is a collaborative project under the art direction of Jen Lorentzen at Clutched Key Collective in Portland, Oregon. Primary focus and responsibilities include logo design, branding extensions and online campaigns. With a younger audience in mind, the once obsessive selfie can now be the new “groupie” as the full circle view includes the photographer and everyone around them.

The ION360 camera allows people to live in the wow and to experience things like never before. ION360is a totally immersive, ultra portable 4K 360–degree camera for your smart phone. This device easily attaches to your phone and gives you the ability to capture amazing images and video.  They can also be uploaded to social media platforms so friends, family and peers can experience the live stream exactly as you do.


Logo concepts were inspired by the all encompassing 360 degree feature of the camera so naturally circular elements were incorporated into the mark. Designing with a younger audience in mind, the logo needed to be fun and modern, yet have an intelligent technological presence. The half circle came into play once we received the actual camera attachment and mirrored its' shape and the seeming effect of the camera peeking up over the top of the phone. Also with the half circle outlines there is an element of movement involved which supports the fact that with this device, you're able to explore the world in real time with whomever is filming and photographing. ION360 isn't about watching anymore, it's about being there and feeling the experience in its' entirety.



Concept ideas were created for this premier commuter airline of Southeast Alaska. Operating from a hub in Juneau, Alaska Seaplanes serves the markets of Skagway, Haines, Gustavus, Hoonah, Kake, Sitka, Angoon, Tenakee Springs, Pelican, Elfin Cove and Excursion Inlet.  Logo designs were inspired by local wildlife and native icons that are steeped in Alaska's culture and heritage. 


life butta

Life Butta is a Vancouver, WA based company that was started a few years ago by veteran and entrepreneur, Arron Barnes. After experiencing some health issues and self diagnosing with the lack of help from regular doctors and pharmaceuticals, he realized that diet was crucial. Life Butta was born out of necessity and has become an extremely popular plant based superfood spread. 

All who know Arron, know that he's an energetic and enthusiastic individual with a refreshing outlook on life and that's what his brand needed to embody. The logo is clean and crisp with a conversation bubble expressing all of the talk that his recipes have generated. Packaging is set to be printed all in white to brighten up the look and let the colorful spreads be the star of the show.

Local business Life Butta has been chosen as a winner of The 2017 American Small Business Championship and may be seen on the hit tv series, Shark Tank in the upcoming year.