Kristen Slate Design



Island Girl

Island Girl Collection is inspired by tropical vacations, lush greenery, perfect sun kissed skin and a mix of organic and literal textures. Each specific pattern was carefully executed with the smallest details in mind, and to be vibrant in color yet neutral in purpose and environment. A combination of dry brush painted strokes and manipulated photography work together to create interesting pieces that work strongly on their own and also as a cohesive unit.


Geo Pastel

Geo Pastel is a result of indecisive decision making and a love and appreciation for many different styles. I basically wanted to throw all of my favorite things into one collection.  Mid-Century classic, Industrial and Modern chic inspirations led to these romantic patterns and while the majority of the color palette is subdued and delicate, there are a few bold punches thrown in to add a touch of masculinity and strength.



The essence of Blue Lemon is inspired by sunny days and orchards of colorful fruit as far as the eye can see. Exquisite colors refresh the classic primary palette and energize any decorative style. The 2018 collection is dedicated to revitalizing the space that is the heart of your home—the kitchen. Patterns mix and match to create a perfect harmony while creating a sophisticated look, full of personality. Blue Lemon is a drop of freshly squeezed exquisiteness that you’ll be able to use and enjoy for years to come.

BLUE LEMON final lookbook11.jpg